All of our coaches are CrossFit Certified.

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Lucien Pollard, Owner

CrossFit L1, L2, (coming soon) L3

Straight out of Orange Walk, Coach Lu grows his eyebrows out like Anthony Davis. His wife Sahsil is the co-owner of the gym and seems to be the happiest wife in the world.

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Ricky Luna

CrossFit L1

A San Pedro native. Many people say that together with Coach Lu, they are the Belize version of the movie Twins. Ricky may be the best husband ever. And yes, for all of you calling and emailing to ask, he is VERY happily married to the better looking of the Leslie twins and the 2nd best hair stylist on the island behind Stone Cold.

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Marisa Guerrero

CrossFit L1
CrossFit Kids
Champagne Saber L3

Marisa is British. She became the first person in our gym to saber a champagne bottle…in the gym. She did it using a 2.5 pound plate. She has a great husband, maybe the best husband in the world. Known to get headaches at inopportune times, particularly late in the day. She also coaches all of our CrossFit Kids classes.

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Josh Buettner aka Coach Champ Pain

Champagne L4
Sweating L3

Josh doesn’t actually coach. But he’s our oldest member, so he’s like our life coach. His daily schedule:
Wake up: 3am
CrossFit: 8-9am
Work: 10:30-noon
What’s app: noon-2pm
Nap: 2-6pm
Bedtime: 7pm

Due to his age, he pays the daily drop in rate instead of the monthly fee.